Carpets Direct Dorset becomes a Carpet Foundation member

We’re proud to announce that Carpets Direct Dorset is a member of The Carpet Foundation. This demonstrates our promise to all of our customers that you’ll receive the highest quality of service by shopping with us.

The Carpet Foundation, helping you find the best place to buy carpet

The Carpet Foundation was established in 1999 to promote the highest standard of retailing for carpet suppliers. Supported by over 450 carpet shops nationwide, each follows a code of practice and agrees to provide an outstanding level of customer service as part of their operations.

Carpets Direct Dorset’s membership to this foundation highlights our commitment to you, our customer. These are the terms that we agree to deliver:

Written terms of business

We commit to clearly communicating the terms of business and sale to you prior to purchase. This will be provided in writing, and detail the following information:

  1. Payment methods and timings.
  2. Quotations and estimates.
  3. Deposits and cancellation rights.
  4. Delivery and installation procedures.
  5. Guarantees of sale.
  6. The provided after sales advice.

Fair advertisement

Carpets Direct Dorset will not practice any ambiguous, misleading or untruthful advertisement that will adversely impact your purchasing decision.

Clear customer advice

No high-pressure selling techniques will be used. Instead, you’ll receive clear advice on the performance, suitability and installation of any carpets being discussed. This ensures that all of our consumers have the information needed to make an informed decision. We will not attempt to push particular brands, and all suggestions will be based on the information provided by you.

Accurate estimates

Carpets Direct Dorset will produce estimates of an approximate cost based on your measurement for each discussed carpet.

Detailed written quotations

We commit to the provision of a written quote that clearly outlines the services included in the charge. For example, additional work needed to be carried out, the trimming of doors, the moving of furniture etc. To ensure that your written quotation is accurate, we strongly recommend a site visit before purchase. The written quote acts as a promise of delivery for an agreed fee.

Delivery and installation

Every effort will be made to provide you with a requested delivery date, and in the case of a delay, you’ll be notified immediately. As part of the delivery and installation, Carpets Direct Dorset will advise you on site preparation, i.e. moving furniture, disconnecting electronics.

Deposit safeguarding

As in agreement with The Carpet Foundation, consumer deposits will be protected for up to 50% of the order value. In the unlikely event of Carpets Direct Dorset closing, your purchase will be transferred to another Carpets Foundation retailer who will complete your purchase. This only applies to customers who have paid a deposit.

Free extended guarantees

Carpet purchases that have been supplied by Carpet Foundation manufacturers come with an extended guarantee of up to two years. This covers you against manufacturing faults and pile reversal. For carpet purchases not supplied by Carpet Foundation manufacturers, you’re provided with a one year guarantee.

Consumer complaint procedure

Carpets Direct Dorset guarantee to handle every complaint with professionalism. A response will be sent within seven working days of you raising an issue. In the case of a manufacturer fault, we will work with them and produce a report in aid of solving the problem.

In the unlikely event that a complaint isn’t resolved and an agreement cannot be made, all customers will have access to a free conciliation service, and, if necessary, access to low-cost arbitration. This is to provide you, the consumer, an alternative route to taking legal action while helping you to resolve the issue.

Consumer satisfaction promise

As part of our commitment to the Carpet Foundation, Carpets Direct Dorset will be monitored on our performance, consumer satisfaction and code of conduct. Mystery shoppers will visit our store to ensure we’re delivering high standards to consumers.

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