Kitchen flooring ideas:
The best flooring materials and their benefits

Is it time to replace the kitchen flooring already? Kitchens are a notoriously active area in every household and, depending on the size of your family, can quickly become damaged and unsightly. This is easily avoided - you merely need to choose a floor that matches both your lifestyle and taste in home decor.

What makes good kitchen flooring?

  1. A durable surface that won’t be chipped, broken, cracked or stained through everyday use.
  2. Confidence that it’s safe for your appliances, house accessories and your family.
  3. Ease of cleaning. After all, there’s no use for a great looking kitchen floor that doesn’t play well with food.
  4. Waterproofing.

What to consider when you’re looking for kitchen flooring

It may or may not have crossed your mind, but there are many factors that impact flooring satisfaction. We consider the following when discussing options with all our of customers and advise accordingly:

Kid friendly flooring options

The average homeowner changes their flooring between 1 - 3 times in their lifetime, which means that your brand new kitchen flooring may have to withstand the test of children in the future. If you do have, or think it’s a possibility you’ll have children within the next 15 - 20 years, make sure that you opt for a durable surface.

Cleaning your kitchen floor

Do you have a preferred cleaning technique or an expensive piece of kit you love using? It may seem menial, but bearing in mind what type of cleaning you’ll undertake can help you make a better decision.

Underfloor heating

If you’re considering underfloor heating to make those winter mornings more comfortable, certain floors that will work better/worse than others.

Interior design

Kitchen flooring tends to be one of the first rooms to be decorated in a house. While you may be convinced that a quirky floor design is the right decision now, home improvements are long-term projects. It may be worthwhile opting for a more generic looking flooring.

Flooring Cost and shelf life

This entirely depends on your lifestyle, plans and intentions. A property investor may choose a great looking flooring with shorter life to assist a sale, whereas a homeowner may opt for a more standard looking floor that they know will last for 20 years. Consider where you might be in 5-15 years and whether spending big on your floor is going to benefit you as much as it costs.

The size of your space

Of course, you’ve considered the size of your room, but if space is tight, it may be worthwhile opting for higher quality flooring that will last you longer.

Our best flooring recommendation for kitchens

Ultimately, we work with our customers and propose solutions based off of their lifestyles; everyone is different. Here are the top 3.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

LVT is becoming increasingly popular due to the all-round effectiveness and ease of installation. LVT comes in a wide range of design and prints, making it the perfect way to add personality to your kitchen without compromising on quality.

  1. Tile format, meaning you have a lot of customisation options.
  2. Looks and feels like natural material such as stone, wood or ceramic.
  3. Progression in printing techniques means today’s LVT is of high quality.
  4. Highly durable and scratch resistant, great for everyday use.
  5. Resistant to staining.
  6. Waterproof.
  7. Extremely easy to clean.
  8. Extremely economical, especially in comparison to natural looking products.
  9. Noise cancelling properties.
  10. Feels soft and warm on foot.
  11. Suitable for underfloor heating installations.
  12. Great at combatting excited pets.

Laminate flooring

Due to high demand and continuous improvements, you can find laminate flooring featured even in the most luxurious of homes. Gone are the days where laminate flooring is considered a budget option that deteriorates quickly. Here are the top benefits of kitchen laminate flooring.

  1. Comes in varying thickness, helping you to customise the surface to your needs.
  2. The top layer is textured and of higher quality laminate, increasing durability and realism.
  3. Fantastic value for money.
  4. A wide range of looks, feel and synthetic material available.
  5. Laminate has been developed over time to rival other more expensive flooring options at a lower price, without compromise of quality.
  6. Mostly waterproof, however, over exposure can lead to swelling.
  7. Feels soft and warm on foot.
  8. Good option for anyone with pets.

Vinyl flooring

Similarly to LVT, Vinyl is extremely popular due to its all-around effectiveness, economical cost and the wide choice of styles available. Unlike LVT, Vinyl is comprised of a single sheet, meaning that you’re limited to a single pattern and installation direction.

  1. Looks and feels like a wide range of expensive natural materials, at a fraction of the cost.
  2. Progression in techniques has led to a superior laminate product being developed for home use.
  3. Great heat insulator, meaning it’s warmer underfoot and great for underfloor heating.
  4. Due to the makeup of vinyl, it possesses noise cancelling properties.
  5. Extremely water resistant as it’s made up of a single sheet.
  6. Easy to clean and maintain when being used every day.
  7. Great at avoiding scuffing.
  8. Cushioned, soft surface.
  9. Won’t be ruined by the most energetic of pets.
  10. Extremely cost effective.

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